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For more than 50 years, Brothers Habet has been serving Belizeans with diligence, vision, care and integrity. The history of the company is one of those wonderful success stories built on perseverance and ambition, a family business that has continued growing and expanding all the while staying true to a set of values passed on from generation to generation.

From its humble beginnings in 1955, the small corner store established by Salvador M. Habet Sr. and randomly dubbed ‘All The Way Grocery and Saloon’ has seen much change and growth as well as its share of setbacks. Starting as a store selling mainly grocery essentials, the next few decades would see Brothers Habet in several incarnations changing locations and expanding its product offerings, evolving first into “Habet’s Store” and then into “Salvador M. Habet & Co.” It wasn’t until 1983 though that the move was finally made to exclusively sell hardware and building supplies, and with that change Brothers Habet Ltd. was born!

Brothers Habet Ltd. officially opened its doors at 115 Barrack Road in November of 1983. Over the past 32 years Brothers Habet Ltd. has grown into a proactive company, striving to constantly bring exceptional value to its customers and meaningful contributions to the community. Throughout the years we have managed to continue improving our business with the support of our loyal customers, employees and local community.

The history of Brothers Habet has been built by generations of hardworking people, dedicated to providing value, service and excellence. The wisdom and experience provided by the first generation was followed by a wave of change and expansion that can be attributed to the second generation’s ambition, hard work and idealism. As time progresses, new ideas are once again being infused into the company with the arrival and growth of the Third Generation. This arrival coincides with our continued efforts to modernize the company by incorporating new and relevant technologies to all aspects of our business, effectively increasing our efficiency while providing new benefits to our growing customer base and maintaining the same reliable service customers experience at our store.

While Brothers Habet will continue to transform, the core values that have been firmly established will carry forward into each new stage. Our goal remains building a modern and convenient store to serve Belize and its people. We expect that continued change in the future, as the world is in constant progress, but we pledge to maintain the same values of hard work, integrity, vision and care that have made Brothers Habet the store of first choice of all those who contribute to building a better Belize, every day.


Brothers Habet is a strong believer and supporter in the furthering of Belizean Art, Entertainment, Sports and Culture. We are dedicated to encouraging creative solutions to the old problems that continue hampering our youths’ progress.

Since Salvador Sr. first started the business, the company has nurtured the belief that a family business can stay closer to the community it serves. Brothers Habet understands the notion that the most important pillar of the company’s success is the good will of the Belizean community in which it operates.

With this in mind, the company has launched and supported several community-oriented initiatives, some on its own and some in partnership with other conscious and proactive business associates. Past endeavors have included stalwart events like the popular Penta KiteFest and 5K Marathon. One of our most prolific activities in recent years was the creation of the “Penta Paint up di Place Art Competition.” This contest encouraged students in primary school and high-school to explore their artistic talents and perception of their country , its environment, and people. With many themes, styles and media to choose from, they were able to submit a work of art that truly tells their "tale" of Belize. The winners received a prize of value for the entire community, acquiring well-deserved recognition and their school gets fully painted using Penta products, not to mention a beautiful Mural of the winner’s artwork!

Other Brothers Habet initiatives include support for sports, art and entertainment. As of late, Brothers Habet and Berger Paints have teamed up to bring the Berger Boyz Basketball Team to the fold in the new Senior League. However no one can forget the perennial Penta Lakers, First Ever Semi-Pro Champions and constant Fan Favorite, or the Stars Women’s Volleyball team who would rack up multiple consecutive championships. To learn more about Brothers Habet community involvement, please e-mail us at community@brothershabet.bz


At Brothers Habet, we take pride in always striving to provide you with not only the widest selection of building supplies, but also the best in customer care. We make sure to keep our Brothers Habet team up-to-date with the latest information on product development and to constantly reinforce the importance of customer service as a core value to enhance customer satisfaction. As a result of this dedication, our helpful and knowledgeable team is waiting to assist you in any way possible to ensure that your expectations and your budget are met every time you visit us. At Brothers Habet, we’re never satisfied... until you are!

Employee of the Month

At Brothers Habet, we recognize the consistency and effort provided by our team in their everyday chores. It is their dedication and perseverance to provide our customers with the best possible service that makes Brothers Habet widely recognized for satisfactory and efficient customer service.

We take great pleasure in recognizing the team member deemed to be the Brothers Habet "EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH". It is well-earned honor, highly valued by each month's winning employee.

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Contact us by e-mailing us at contact@brothershabet.bz or by directly contacting the member of our team who may be better able to assist your needs:

(Chairman) Salvador Habet Sr. Salvador@brothershabet.bz
(Manager/Director): Tony Habet  tony@brothershabet.bz
(Manager/Director): Marta Habet marta@brothershabet.bz
(Sales & Marketing): Carlo Habet carlo@brothershabet.bz
(Sales Division): Sales sales@brothershabet.bz
(Marketing): Bob Utsman bobutsman@brothershabet.bz


Careers at Brothers Habet

If you are honest, hardworking and ready to bring optimism and value to the workplace, make sure to check back periodically for available opportunities at Brothers Habet. Or, submit your resume now, for consideration whenever we have open positions. Make sure to specify which department you would be interested to work in (e.g. sales, warehouse, accounting, etc.): careers@brothershabet.bz


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At Brothers Habet we are proud to carry a broad selection of the finest brands available for the building industry. Click on any brand below to learn of current or upcoming promotions, as well as care tips, manufacturer’s interesting facts and other useful information.

(Listing of current brands, those who took the vendors package add a link to a page within the Brothers Habet site with a brief history of the manufacturer, photos of their facilities, care tips of some of their best selling products, exclusive promotions, and finally a link to their website.  Will get logos of all major brands…)


The face of our business today is a direct result of the efforts, vision and dedication of our current Directors, Managers and Staff. All have spent considerable time with the company and many have been around since our early years.

However, there are many other associates, partners and investors who have trusted us to be their leading distributor and to being an important part of our growth and success. We greatly cherish these partners for their continued support and contribution to making Brothers Habet the thriving business it is today.

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